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6 Automated Emails Every Amazon Seller Needs

Making your brand stand out on Amazon is a difficult task. Most Amazon shoppers are loyal to Amazon as opposed to the third-party sellers that provide many of the site’s products. One of the most reliable ways to reach your customers and to separate yourself from your competitors is through a great automated email marketing campaign. Here’s a look at six different types of automated emails that could take your Amazon business to the next level.

1. Product Instructions

The most effective email campaigns are the ones that provide the buyer with useful information. An email laying out the details of how their product works along with some examples of how to use it outside of the most obvious uses is a great way to connect with your customers by giving them something that is actually helpful.

Even if your product has instructions included on the box or in a booklet that comes with the item, these physical instructions are accidentally thrown away all of the time. Having a digital copy of the instructions with some helpful tips available for referencing right in their email box is a useful resource for your customers. And if they receive it before they receive the product, it will give them a chance to review it beforehand and be less likely to be confused or frustrated with their product.

Keeping instruction templates for every product in your store and remembering to send them out after every sale can be a bit overwhelming without help. Fortunately, tools like FeedbackWhiz’s automated email campaign manager make it easy to fully automate the process. Using FeedbackWhiz’s built in Amazon-compliant templates, you can build out the emails you want to send and have them automatically sent out after each purchase on a product-by-product level.

2. Product Warranty

Offering a warranty on your products that outlasts the standard 30-day return policy offered by Amazon is another good way to build customer trust in your brand and products. And like product instructions above, this is another helpful thing for your customer to have a digital copy of. You might include an insert with your product that includes details on the warranty or instructions on how to activate it, but these inserts are easy to misplace. An email will make your customer’s life much easier as it will give them access to this warranty (and details on how to contact you) whenever they need it, making it more likely that they will contact you directly instead of Amazon with a problem.

3. Thank You For Your Purchase

A simple thank you can go a long way. The thank you for purchasing is often paired with any of the other emails on this list, and there is nothing wrong with doing it that way. But sending out an email specifically designed to thank the customer for their purchase and to let them know that you are available should any issues arise is a great way to build customer rapport.

4. Product Review Request

Amazon’s Terms of Service only allow you to ask for a product review once. It also has a long list of specific rules you must follow when making this request to keep your account compliant. Whether you decide that you want to use Amazon’s built in “Request a Review” button or build your own email requesting a review, FeedbackWhiz has you covered either way.

FeedbackWhiz allows you to automate the process of pressing the “Request a Review” button, making sure that you always send out your request automatically at a specific number of days after the order has been delivered to optimize the amount of product reviews that you receive. Or if you prefer to use email marketing, you can use FeedbackWhiz’s pre-built templates to make sure that you are complying with Amazon’s guidelines.

Generating as many product reviews as possible from your sales is an important strategy for all Amazon sellers to employ. Positive product reviews lead to more sales and better search results, which leads to continued growth as sales and product reviews continue to build up.

5. Order Confirmation

Amazon sends out a boiler-plate order confirmation any time a customer makes a purchase. Using an automated email campaign, you can add some flare to this email to stand out from the pack, letting your customers know that their order has been received with extra details about the product and your brand included.

6. Order Shipment Notification

The same is true for order shipping notifications. And these six examples are just scratching the surface of what automated email campaigns can do; there are many other ways to implement email marketing into your customer acquisition and retention strategies. Not all customers will open and read your emails, but those that do can learn a lot more about you and your brand than they would receiving only the standard emails that Amazon sends out.

When you use FeedbackWhiz to create your automated email campaign, you will also have access to a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to see how your email campaigns are performing. This will allow you to test different types of emails and different titles to maximize the reach that your email campaigns have. Try out a free 30-day trial of FeedbackWhiz today.

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