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 🚀 Amazon Insiders is the fastest-growing Amazon Seller newsletter in America.

 📈 18,000+ active subscribers, with a high avg. open rate (45%)

 🧠 Our newsletter is read by thousands of "growth minded" 7-8 figure Amazosellers like Simple Modern, Zulay Kitchen, Crossnet, Obvi, Caden Lane and HexClad!

⚡️ All readers are highly engaged, as we unsubscribe any inactive emails every week.

  📍  Primary locations of readers (in order): USA (95%), UK, Canada, Australia.


Recent partners include GETIDA, Quartile, Teikametrics, Sellozo, Stack Influence, SellerMetrics, SoStocked, PixelMe, Finaloop, Perch, and Assureful to name a few. If your service or software caters to Amazon sellers, then you'll be a great fit as a sponsor. 


"The Amazon Insiders newsletter gives GETIDA a great reach to motivated and well-informed Amazon sellers. Over the years, we have been able to help many Amazon sellers who joined GETIDA through the positive reach and influence of the newsletter. Amazon Insiders it the place to be!" -Yoni Mazor, Co-Founder

"Jon's newsletter has quickly become one of our top performing newsletter sponsorships. His Amazon industry knowledge is unmatched and he always works with us to customize our promotional copy to authentically relate to the content in the newsletter." -William Gasner, CMO

"Amazon Insiders has been a boon for connecting us with their incredible community of top Amazon sellers, and has been the best money we've spent on marketing to date. It's clear that the audience they've built is highly engaged and eager to grow their brands." -Shep McAllister, Head of Partnerships



Primary Ad

  • Ad is the very first thing people see when they open the email

  • Text can be 250 words max

  • 2 CTA links

  • 1 image

  • The email is published at 12pm EST every Tuesday

  • We provide the copy




Secondary Ad: "Solutions Worth Checking Out"

  • Ad is right after the primary ad slot and before the main content

  • Text is 3 sentences max

  • CTA links

  • 7 available per email

  • The email is published at 12pm EST every Tuesday

  • We provide the copy
















Newsletter "Takeover"

  • This gets you an entire newsletter dedicated to your service

  • Text can be 750 words max

  • 1 image allowed

  • 2 CTA links

  • The email is published at 12pm EST on Thursdays

  • We provide the copy


👉 Please fill out this short form with your preferred sponsorship options/goal, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.


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