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How to Boost your Amazon Sales Ranking

This topic is debated all over the world. The big question is this: “What is the best way to rank my products and keep them?” unfortunately, the answer is somewhat complicated. The good news is that I’m going to share what worked for me as I ranked and kept it on over 100 products across five brands on Amazon!

Keywords are King

Proper keyword research is crucial to rank your products and keep your it high on search

results. I see too many doing this wrong and completely missing out on search traffic. The whole idea here is to focus on the top 25 keywords by the search volume. Tools like Helium 10 and Merchant Words are all you need to find for your product. It’s not rocket science but it does take a bit of effort to organize the top keywords in your title and bullets and the rest in the backend of your listing. And here’s a tip: don’t repeat them between the title and the backend! Amazon indexes the operative words in your listing so there’s o need to repeat keywords in the backend. I see this mistake all too often. The backend should be saved for a variety of high search volume keywords not already included in your listing. Once they are set up properly there isn’t much to do past this point. It’s somewhat of a set and forget

task as this platform will “learn” your listing over time and take it from there. So, having your

listing optimized from day one is very important.

Sales Velocity

In a nutshell, sales velocity is a calculation of the number of sales you are experiencing within a period. For example, if you make one transaction a day for a week, this is terrible sales velocity. But, if you see 100 transactions on day one, 200 day 2, and so on, this shows Amazon that customers are liking your product and the interest is increasing. This is a metric that this platform uses to rank your products and helps them decide how much organic traffic to send your way. There are a few ways to increase speed The most common but also the most expensive method is to utilize PPC or “pay per click.” This is Amazon’s advertising vehicle and is used by pretty much every seller on this platform. PPC simply adds

your product in front of millions of eyeballs and produces sales. The more you spend in properly optimized PPC, the more sales you will see so the ceiling is rather high on this. When I ran my Amazon business, I would max out my budget but wished I had more capital to spend even more on PPC! It’s effective, guaranteed to increase your vending speed and works for all sellers. Another method is to do giveaways through lightning deals. I see this complaint all too often that lighting deals kill margins! Yes, they do! But those people are missing the point of using lighting deals: to increase their vending velocity. They are not

used to make money. It’s a common misconception. Giving away 500 units in a lightning deal at 40% off is a fast way to boost your vending velocity throughout the year. Any business owner should factor in the cast of these giveaways but also expect to see a long-lasting velocity boost over time.

More Positive Reviews

Positive reviews do nothing but increase sales. This strategy is pretty much common sense but too few focus on this! Gaining as many positive reviews should be a top 3 focus for any seller on this aforementioned platform. There is a direct correlation between higher review counts and higher vending speed. Some believe that Amazon’s algorithm factors this relationship in while others think it’s simply customer reactions, thus increasing sales ranking. I think it’s a combination of both. To see your review count go up rapidly, one needs to set up autoresponder emails and ask each and every customer for a review a total of two times.

I found that asking for a review at five days post-delivery and another 14 days after delivery was effective. It not only gave the customer enough time to test the product but also form a strong opinion and produce some solid content for the review.

As you can see, boosting your ranking can be achieved with a bit of effort and a focused strategy. At the end of the day, what will really do is to sell a truly exceptional product that disrupts an entire product category. By combining a high-quality product and the strategies listed above, you will be well on your way to experiencing stronger and stronger sales rankings for your listings on Amazon!

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