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My Favorite Amazon Tools

Look, I’ll be honest. There is a multitude of tools on the market today just ask any Amazon FBA expert! It can be daunting to know which ones are worth it and which aren’t. Part of what I do at Black label Advisor is to help educate. So, here is my all-time favorite list. You can’t go wrong with any of these!

Jungle Scout- This is the king of Amazon tools. This single instrument is what gave me the knowledge and data to make strong decisions on which product to launch and which ones to avoid. I can safely say that this is by far the most important tool any seller can have. In a nutshell, this accessory tells you the monthly units sold and revenue of any goods on Amazon. What you can do is compare product ideas and monitor an idea over a few months to evaluate if it’s merchandise that is worth the investment. Jungle Scout continues to become smarter and more accurate. Go download it now!

Sentry Kit- Monitoring each of your listings can be very burdensome. It’s simply not worth your time to spend a single minute taking care of this task. Let Sentry Kit take care of it. This software monitors each listing for things like hijackers, listing picture issues, competitors, and glitches that need to be addressed. If anything comes up, the software will send out an email letting you know a problem has arisen. Then, you can email your VA or take care of it yourself. I honestly couldn’t live without this instrument.

Cash Cow Pro- This is a little-known software device that should be in everyone’s toolbox. What it does is gives you real, live data on the net profit of each SKU and gives you some historical data for sales to help assist you on future purchase orders from your factory. This software is HUGE because relying on Amazon reports is an utter nightmare. I would use this software on a daily basis and make sure nothing was off in terms of net profit for each of my products. It would flag increased fulfillment costs which is helpful for ensuring Amazon is not overcharging you on fees. This is a must-have software for every third-party seller!

Feedback Whiz- This is a very powerful email autoresponder utensil. One of the biggest issues I see with sellers is getting steady reviews coming in. Feedback Whiz sends out regular emails after purchase to remind the customer to leave an unbiased review. The key is to create an amazingly attractive copy to get the customer to open these emails. If you do this right, you will see a review rate of close to 10%.

My strategy was a two-email system. I’d send out one five days after delivery of the merchandise and a second one-two weeks after that. This was a highly successful strategy as it gave the customers a chance to truly use the product before leaving a review. I was never scared of some negative feedback because I’d use this data to constantly improve my product lines.

I hope these tools will benefit you as much as they did for me! With the right tools, anyone can be successful without being an Amazon pro.

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