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Show Prime Day Who’s Boss

It feels like there’s an endless barrage of people trying to guess when Prime Day is this year. You know what sis being neglected right now? Coverage of things sellers can do TODAY to optimize their listings and better prepare for the coming flood of sales! Yes, today, we are going to cover mechanics and specifics. Here’s the deal, Prime Day is in June and coming up. No one knows the exact date but June is confirmed. As it’s right around the corner, I’m going to cover a few things every seller needs to do to better optimize themselves to maximize their sales during Amazon’s “Christmas.”

Inventory Planning

Prepping your inventory is a much harder thing to write about as it not only varies by category but it varies depending on your historical sales history. A good thing to focus on is to look at your historical average sale through rate and plan to see a double increase in sales. However, 3x and 4x is not abnormal especially if you’ve signed up for any lightning deals for Prime Day.

To combat any stock limits Amazon has on your SKUs, it would be a good idea to have some stock in your own 3PL for your best sellers. If you run out of FBA inventory, you can switch over to FBM and use the units in your 3PL as a temporary band aid during Prime Day. The goal here is to never run out of stock and keep up with the barrage of sales coming your way. Prepare accordingly.

Clean Up Your Listings

When’s the last time you checked over your title, bullets, listing pictures, and backend search terms? Are you 100% sure everything is perfectly formatted and optimized? Take some time the next two weeks and ensure that everything is in order. Maybe it’s an arrow in an infographic that doesn’t look right. Maybe you are repeating search terms between your title and bullets. Tools like Merchant Words are fantastic for double checking this. Do it and don’t look back.

Your competitors are doing it, so don’t get left behind this Prime Day. And don’t forget to use temporary search terms like “gifts for Dad”. Just make sure to put everything back to what it was once prime Day is over.

Testing Your Site’s Email Capture

With a flood of traffic on Amazon comes a flood of traffic to your Shopify site. This is a result of magnitude. As a seller on Amazon, you already have customers checking your main website off Amazon to verify things like brand confirmation and pricing. It’s mission critical that you make sure each of your email captures are working for Prime Day. Simply use your own email and submit in each location. Most common are popups, below blog articles, and in the footer of sites.

Capturing their emails will ensure that you can communicate with these new customers at any time in the future. Another benefit is that you can speak directly with them regarding deals, discounts, or announcing new products. This is outlawed on Amazon, so utilizing this on your site is a gold mine.

PPC Strategy

Whether you use an agency or do PPC on your own, think long and hard about how you want to boost your PPC sales during Prime Day. The simplest way to do this is to increase your PPC daily budget by 2-3 times just for prime Day to maximize sales. When working with an agency, they may have different strategies and know your products better than even you, so listen to them.

Prime Day is somewhat of a slam dunk when it comes to PPC as there are millions more customers over just a few days. This strategy of temporarily increasing your PPC budget temporarily is similar to what I recommend (5x PPC budgets) during the three weeks before Christmas. If you are a bit paranoid about doing this or new to increasing PPC budgets, it’s totally fine to increase your PPC budget less dramatically then boost it even more the following year. You won’t be disappointed with whatever budget you choose.

Button Up A+ Content

This might not seem like a very important task for Prime Day but it is. Customers will be coming to your listings in droves and they will be looking at everything from your listing pictures to your title to your A+ content. Every “touch point” on your listing needs to be cleaned up and optimized. Your A+ content is no exception! Drive home your branding and mission statement here. Customers want to know your brand’s story and what makes you different than what’s out there already. They want to be part of a movement.

Your A+ content is a perfect place to talk about the founder, any charities you support, and what unique features your product has. Be sure to have large, beautiful pictures in this section. Really try to “wow” customers here. Strong A+ content can not only help you boost your conversion rate on Prime Day but it will help year round. Don’t go cheap either.

Prime Day = Gold Rush

Think of prime Day as a madhouse similar to Black Friday shoppers storming Best Buy stores. They are doing the same thing but virtually. Being smart and optimize yourself for Prime Day. There is literally money on the floor waiting for you to pick it up.

If you are still unsure about next steps after this article, please feel free to use the contact form at the bottom of this page! Optimizing for Prime Day can be overwhelming, and I can assist in demystifying the process.

Now, go kill it this Prime Day!

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