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The Value of an Amazon Consultant

Thanks to the “gurus” with rented Ferraris, Amazon Consultants have gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years. The never-ending stream of “must-have” courses has exhausted people and more than ever, it seems there is a distinct mistrust of consultants for this platform. This is part of why Black Label Advisor was born. When I first had the idea, I wanted to provide something truly unique to the market that was based on transparency and honesty. I also wanted to offer an exclusive feel to the service. So many agencies out there today have thousands of clients and most likely unhappy clients. It’s not uncommon

to be advised by an agency employee who has no real Amazon experience. This is a real shame because it doesn’t have to be this way!

Many believe that businesses on the aforementioned platform are easy to start, run, and make money. The harsh reality is that it is a hard road and over 85% of people who try are never able to create a sustainable business. One of the biggest drivers for this is a lack of proper education and consulting. It’s quite common for people to jump into a cheap product thinking it’s guaranteed to take off and be successful. If only this was true!

The road to success on Amazon is one with endless potholes and challenges. This is where an Amazon consultant like myself comes in. With me walking alongside you, you can avoid the hard times and get from A to Z significantly faster.

The true value of a specialist really comes into play in two different scenarios. The first is for total beginners. I remember it like it was yesterday when I first started and was researching and educating myself. It took months and unfortunately, I lost time because of this and wish I could have launched faster. With an Amazon specialist, it takes a couple of calls to go over the basics of Amazon FBA. This could take months on your own as there is endless misinformation out there and you’d have to figure out which sites to trust and which to ignore. It’s a royal pain quite honestly. Once some education is done via phone calls, the help continues through advice on how to properly source and launch your product on Amazon. During each step of this journey, I am there next to you, helping you, and guiding you. I like to consider myself kind of like an Ace in your back pocket. A trustworthy sounding board to get you to the finish line.

The second most common scenario is a brand owner who is stuck at a certain sales figure and can’t seem to grow. This is where I come in and perform a full audit of the business. This is where I get into the weeds and analyze each part of their business. Many times, there are blood-sucking expenses that are blind spots for brand owners, and other times, there’s a need to outsource tasks like logistics and PPC. Each brand owner is unique and has a special story. But every brand owner has one thing in common: the chief goal of increasing sales and brand awareness. Amazon is the wild west and I’m a valuable tool for brand owners.

Having done over $10 million in sales between Amazon and Shopify, I have the honor of helping other sellers expand their business and avoid common pitfalls. I do wish advisors on this platform had exited in 2014 when I first started! The amount of time that could have been saved is incalculable. Don’t make the same mistakes I made and find a trustworthy Amazon consultant, even if it’s not Black Label Advisor!

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