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Turn External Traffic Into Amazon Gold

Look, the harsh reality is that you are spending copious amounts of time and money on trying to win customers who are already on Amazon with advertising, listing optimizations and ranking organically in search. While generating internal traffic on Amazon is important, there are also plenty of advantages to sending external traffic to your Amazon storefronts as well.

In today's newsletter, I'll go over some of these advantages and list three proven ways to drive external traffic to Amazon.

Advantages to Sending External Traffic to Amazon

Anecdotal evidence suggests that Amazon's algorithm may reward sellers who send external traffic to their brand pages and products on Amazon. Whether or not that's true, there are a handful of other reasons why you should be sending external traffic to the platform. As a side note, from my experience consulting countless clients and doing millions in revenue on Amazon, IT IS true.

• Additional Sales – People visiting your Amazon store and product pages will lead to more sales, which in turn will generate more product feedback, better search rankings, and profits.

• Skip the Competition – By sending potential customers directly to your brand on Amazon, you won't be fighting with other sellers for those customers in Amazon's search results.

• Brand Trust – While a first-time customer might hesitate to buy a product from a brand or website they aren't familiar with, they should feel very comfortable making a purchase on Amazon. These sales can help you to establish your brand and to potentially create long-term customers.

1. Slam That Email List!

If you've taken the time to build up an email list of past customers and supporters of your business, timely email blasts can be an effective source of external traffic to your Amazon page. Have a product that makes for a good gift around the holidays? Want to offer a discount code to your loyal subscribers? Send out an email with links to appropriate products in your Amazon catalogue. Another strategy is to use your list for product launches and getting the word out. Simply give them a special discount code to use on Amazon and voila, instant traffic.

2. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

In addition to your own social media strategies and the advertising budget that you have for advertising directly on Amazon, it is also worth investing in advertising on social media. Pinterest offers an excellent option for sellers who have visually attractive products that may pop on the very visual platform, while Facebook's targeted ads will allow you to send advertisements to specific demographics. You can also create ads for Instagram through Facebook's ad platform. Try different platforms and ad styles to see what works best for you and your business. Results will range all over the map depending on your product and target demographic. Also, I highly recommend using a social media agency for this. If you need one, please respond to this email and I'll make an intro.

3. Influencers Are Your New Best Friends

Influencer marketing creates a win-win scenario for both sellers and influencers, with sellers generating buzz and sales around their products and influencers getting free products. I recommend Collabor8App to all of my clients as it is a very affordable service that pairs brands up with influencers for promotions. When you've found the right influencer, you can set up a one-time discount code that your influencer can promote to drive external traffic to the products to want to target. I've had clients run out of stock using this service so plan accordingly!

More traffic. More Amazon reviews. Skyrocketing revenue.

What's not to love?

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